AFRO-005 Intro-American Studies I. 3 crs. Introduction to the Afro-American Studies (African American, Africana, Black Studies) field and survey of factors which helped create the Afro-American experience in the Western Hemisphere. Satisfies university-wide African American cluster requirement and Divisional Studies a requirement for non-majors and non-minors.

AFRO-006 Introduction to Afro-American Studies II. crs, 3. Systemic and structural exploration of issues involving the African American domestic (family), religious, educational and political institutions as they have been impacted by the larger society. Satisfies University-wide African American cluster requirement and Divisional Studies a requirement for non-majors and non-minors.

AFRO-101 Commercial Exploitation of the Third World 3 crs. Attention Given to the economics of colonial, neocolonial, imperialistic, and nationalistic social formations and movements in the “Third World.” Examination of the political and economic forces that influenced the 19th and 20th century experience of persons of color beyond the USA.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-103 Programs for Economic Development. 3 crs. Analysis of the economic empowerment strategies and philosophies of Afro-American leaders and organizations, from the early 19th century to the present.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-115 Seminar on Teaching Black Studies. 3 crs. Analyzes the background of evolution and organization of the emergent field of African American or Black Studies in the context of American higher education.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing

AFRO-121 Special Topics in Black Studies. 3 crs. An in-depth study of selected issues in the African American experience, with the topics varying from semester-to-semester.

Prereq: Junior standing and departmental approval. Priority consideration given to African American Studies majors and minors.

AFRO-122 Black Philosophies of Education. crs. Exploration and analysis of the historical and contemporary pedagogical theories advanced by educators concerned with the intellectual socialization of African American learners.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-131 Black Philosophy. 3 crs. Examination of the orienting ideas and ideologies of pre-colonial and post-colonial African experiences as well as liberation philosophies of the Black Diaspora international comparative context.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing (Satisfies Divisional Studies C requirement,)

AFRO-132 Politics of Black Autobiography. 3 crs. Examination of Black autobiography as manifested in the works of specific personages from William Wells Brown through Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, James Weldon Johnson to Richard Wright, Langston Hughes, John Edgar Wideman and Maya Angelou.

Prereq.: Junior standing.

AFRO-133 Nineteenth Century Black Social and Political Thought. 3 crs. Examination of the major political and social ideas advocated by black leadership in the 19th century. Attention given to the relationship between social and political thought and the struggles against slavery, segregation and economic repression.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing. (Satisfies Divisional Studies C requirement.)

AFRO-134 Twentieth Century Black Social and Political Thought. 3 crs. Examination of the social and political thought of black spokespersons as manifested in the critical stages of reactions to problems of racial status from 1900 to the present.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-159 Senior Seminar. 3 crs. For Afro-American Studies majors only. An overview of the discipline of Afro-American Studies as related to a synthesis of courses included in departmental curriculum. Course work is designed to assist students in preparing for the Senior Comprehensive Examination and for the production of a required formal research paper. All departmental faculty participate in the course.

AFRO-163 Black Experience in the Caribbean. 3 crs. Historical analysis of the European and African experiences resulting from their joint presence in the Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Virgin Islands):16th century to the present.

AFRO-170 Independent Research. 3 crs. Individual projects conducted on the Afro-American experience, under supervision of a designated faculty member for departmental majors only.

Prereq.: Junior standing; prior faculty approval required.

AFRO-775 Preparation for Practicum-Writing Across the Curriculum. 3 crs. Basic social science research training: practical techniques of participant observation, data collection and assessment and, field reporting.

Prereq.: Junior or Senior standing. (Formerly AFRO-175)

AFRO-176 Practicum. 6 crs. Required of all majors. In gaining fieldwork experiences permitting the merger of theory with practical aspects of their chosen areas, students are required to serve internships with reputable organizations external to the University and to present verbal and written accounts of their learning experiences during the semester of their particular internship.

Prereq.: AFRO-775 and senior status, majors only.

AFRO-165 Black Women in America. 3 crs. Analysis of the historical involvement of black. women in American institutions: education, religion, politics and social reconstruction. Charts linkages of black women in Africa and the Caribbean and North America.

AFRO-191 Comparative Slavery: An Introduction. 3 crs. Survey of various systems of bondage in Europe proper, the Near East, Africa and the Americas. Emphasis is placed on the economic, social and cultural factors, which contributed to the rise and decline of slavery throughout the world.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-192 Harlem Renaissance. 3 crs. Review of the Harlem Renaissance movement, 1910 to 1945. The Harlem Renaissance Movement symbolizes the first distinct era in Afro-American literary and social history in which black writers emerged as unique political voices in the arts.

Prereq: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-193 Literature and Politics of the Caribbean. 3 crs. A sociological examination of the ideologies. themes and concerns expressed by Caribbean writers, with particular reference to the socio-political context in which their literature was produced.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-195 Comparative Black Literature II. 3 crs. A survey of the creative literature of black writers in the U.S. Caribbean and Africa, with special attention given to the social and symbolic environments from which they emerged and the ideologies they expressed.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-196 Comparative Black Literature II. 3 crs. Examination of the relationship between the creative literature of black writers and their socio-political life through intensive study of different media, e.g. , novels, dramas, poetry, and essays.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

AFRO-197 Pan-African Thought and Politics. 3 crs. Examination of the cultural, historical and political origins of Pan-Africanism and other systems of diasporian liberationist thought. Topics for analysis include the Colored Convention Movement, Ethiopianism the Pan-African Congress movement, the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Rastafarian and the Civil Rights Movements.

AFRO-198 Contemporary Black Poetry. 3 CRS. A Survey of Black American poetry from the mid-1960s to the present. Attention given to the folk and community basis of poetry as exemplified in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960-70s.

Prereq.: Junior standing.

AFRO-199 Black Aesthetics. 3 crs. Examination of the aesthetic commonalities originating in Africa, migrating to the Americas and transforming certain aspects of African American artistic and cultural life via their expression in art, psychological attitudes, religious beliefs and philosophical approaches to life.

Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

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