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Dr. Lavonne Jackson
Associate Professor
Founders Library, Rm. 312
(202) 806-7242



Jackson, LaVonne R. Encyclopedia of Malcolm X. (contributor). Mississippi State, Mississippi: Mississippi Press, 1996.

"African-American Historic Places in the National Register." (contributor). Washington, D.C.: The National Trust and the National Register. 1993.

"Olney Township Historic District, Olney Township, Pennsylvania" in Teaching With Historic Places Section" in Heritage Education Resources Exchange. National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1993.

Biography of "Mother Hale" and "Betty Shabazz" in Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia. (contributor). Brooklyn: Carlson Publishing, Inc., 1992.

Reviews Submitted

Jackson, Lavonne R. review of "The Leaders of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the Southern States." by Marjorie Spruill Wheeler, Journal of Mississippi History (1994).

Works in Progress

"Black Reconstruction History and Black Women in the Literary Works of the Nineteenth Century. Black Female Writer Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, 1865-1899."

"African Women in Senegal, West Africa and Labor in the Contemporary Marketplace."

"Reaching Beyond the Household: Freedwomen in East Texas. Social and Economic Challenges During Reconstruction, 1865-1870."




Doctor of Philosophy, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Major: United States History, Specialization: 19th Century African-American History;
Minor: African History, Specialization: Sub-Saharan Africa.
Minor: Women Studies.

Master of Arts, Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA
Major: African American Studies
Minor: United States History

Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas, Arlington, TX
Major: Political Science. Specialization: Pre Law
Minor: Sociology. Sub-specialization: Criminal Justice


Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Assistant Professor
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD

Assistant Professor, Instructor, Lecturer
Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

Adjunct Instructor, Afro-American Studies
Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Visiting Lecturer History Department
Indiana, Bloomington, IN

ABD Teaching Fellow, History Department
Loyola College, Baltimore, MD


COAS Howard University